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Insulinostimulator growth factor, IGF-1 Long of which R3 is derived, is a peptide hormone that is found naturally in the body. It belongs to the same family of hormones like insulin.

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Insulinostimulator growth factor, IGF-1 Long of which R3 is derived, is a peptide hormone that is found naturally in the body. It belongs to the same family of hormones like insulin. In terms of peptide hormones, IGF is relatively small, with a chain of 70 amino acids. But this has no relevance to its biological importance. IGF is anabolic mediator of growth hormone (HGH), which one does not have any anabolic effect. Property stimulate the secretion of HGH IGF makes it so potent anabolic agent. The hormone IGF-1 was discovered in 1957. At first it was thought that help regenerate cartilage. Only in the late 70s of IGF name it was adopted and started studying its effects.

IGF-1 promotes development in almost all tissues. Not only muscles but also the internal organs, brain and eyes. Because muscles are made to external stimuli by increasing rapsunda and increase in strength, they are more receptive to IGF-1 than other organs. Although IGF-1 promotes anabolism throughout the body, we can not say that is pericols be used to increase muscle mass (enlargement of internal organs but the danger can not be ignored however).

IGF-1 help better muscle cell activity and a better concentration of protein in muscles.
HGH and IGF-1 are potent hormones who show properties different from anabolic steroids. They are seen more like substances that stimulate hyperplastic (increased number of cells). IGF-1 produces muscle growth through a sustainable and qualitative growth, not by increasing muscle cell volume.

Initially, there were some problems with the use of IGF-1 terapeuitica method. The main problem was its metabolic rate, requiring two injections per day to maintain a steady level in the blood. The same problem occurred at the beginning of steroids, only that testosterone has a lifespan greater than the IGF-1 in blood. Scientists have had to seek new ways to increase the half-life before it can be used. To this were required changes to the synthetic IGF-1. A popular form of such IGF-1 is that, Long R3 IGF-1 or IGF. It has a half life greater than insulin and missed it by 2.5-3 times more potent than normal IGF.

Long R3 IGF-1 is currently produced by GroPep Australian company that owns the patent for this unique form of IGF-1. It is still under experimental drug, but nonetheless bodybuilders could be purchased by selling DISTRIBUTORS international universities for experiments. Costa between 170 and $ 400 per milliliter, with a purity of 85%.
They are found in powder or diluted in an alcohol solvent. If the powder is mixed with the alcohol solvent for the storage and diluted with distilled water and bacteriostatic water before administration. Injection is used to Sergin and inject insulin. It is recommended to be kept refrigerated.

Long R3 IGF-1 is found as the IGtropin, manufactured by Chinese GenSci. It is assumed that it is the same compound as that produced by groped, but not sure if they obtained the raw material through an agreement with it. Product feedback was positive, showing that regardless of sourcing provides a Long R3 IGF-1 quality. It is still more expensive, jumping from $ 500 per milligram. Higher price is offset by the fact that it comes in a usable form, each kit containing 10 ampoules with 100 mcg of hormone in each, and another 10 vials of sterile substance trebuies dilute the hormones.

Unlike HGH is administered subcutaneously, the injection of IGF-1 Long R3 is intramusuclar. Although subcutaneous injections are pisibile and if this product, they give a little more discomfort than intramusuclare. It is best to inject in muscle group trained that day, in an effort to stimulate local growth.

The dose is usually between 20 mcg and 80 mcg, ADMINISTRATION being made daily. The daily dose can in turn be separated into two, to distances of 10-12 hours. Some bodybuilders venture with doses greater than 100 mcg per day, and it is said that some top professional bodybuilders even use 200 mcg per day during periods of accumulation of muscle mass. But given the astronomical costs that would result from such practices it is more likely to be hearsay. Among amateur bodybuilders the daily dose of 30 mcg etse, which allows a 1 milligram vial to reach for a month.
The results obtained with the administration of IGF-1 Long R3 are a better pumping, increased appetite, weight gain strength and msuculara smooth and stimulating thermogenesis (fat loss). A cycle of 30 days returns are on average 2-3 kg of weight msuculara. Some builders said they were earning and using only 6-8 kg Long R3 IGF-1 in 4 week cycles. However, taken alone, it is not as effective as steroids, but it is quite a powerful anabolic substance nesteroidiala. The mass storage msuculare earned after ending the cycle is very high, which can not be said when it comes to steroids. This is due to several factors, including the lack of "crash" site hormone.

When it comes to defining Long R3 IGF-1 is not as effective as human growth hormone. But that does not mean that IGF-1 does not have any value in this regard. Those most in use were reported to have the effect of reducing fat quite pronounced. It seems that allow keeping under control the fat layer ingurgiteaza even when large amounts of calories. Even it seems to help reduce and phase dipos stratuluia table, but this is linked to the metabolism of each individual. So we can say that IGF-1 is not the best method of embossing but is a component that can be successfully added to such a cycle.
The length of the cycles of Long R3 IGF-1 is between 4 and 12 spatamani, then make a break for at least 4-6 weeks.
Do not forget that there are risks associated with the use of Long R3 IGF-1. Increasing internal organs, bones and skin thinning, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, water retention and edema, and even gynecomastia from those who are very sensitive. There have even reported sightings of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is usually preceded by amortlei the hands and wrists. It is a substnata to be respected and not abused. I underscore through again is still an experimental drug and the effects on humans have not yet been fully discovered. Its use will trasnforma to some extent a human guinea pig.

The fact that is not approved in any country did not stop the athletes to use it, especially considering the beneficial effects that can bring. It was therefore introduced relatively quickly on the black market. Although not found in abundance, it is not impossible to find. Those who have used it refers to as "super HGH" which is not far from the truth. Administration of IGF-1 Long R3, we can enjoy the effects of this hormone, without relying on the body's ability to produce it when stimulated by HGH. An analogy can be made between the use of HCG to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and the direct administration of testosterone cypionate, testosterone, for example. So we see why the popularity of this hormone increased so much in recent years and from now on we can expect an even greater spreading of it.


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Insulinostimulator growth factor, IGF-1 Long of which R3 is derived, is a peptide hormone that is found naturally in the body. It belongs to the same family of hormones like insulin.